Hot Fashion Trends For Spring 2012
When we're still way into the center of winter, incorporated in the thickest and warmest of coats, we may be thinking about the warmth and colorful promise of spring. As we are ushered in to the new year, so are the upcoming the latest fashions. Here are a few from the hot the latest fashions for spring of 2012.

HOT The latest fashions FOR SPRING 2012

1. Geometric Color Blocking

Color blocking has been really famous this year, and it's still going strong in 2012. However, we have seen a new twist into this trend by using different geometric patterns that make your outfits look more playful.

Fashion Trend

2. Print Overload

Prints will definitely make your outfit more interesting. Try mixing your solid colored clothes with printed pieces in order to provide a more youthful and girly appearance. Keep in mind that bigger prints cause you to look bigger. If you're a bit shorter within the height department (like me!), or a bit around the heavier side, opting for more subtle prints is really a safer alternative. If you are a bit adventurous with your style, you'll be able to still test out different prints and textures.

3. Soft, Romantic Colors

Soft, pastel colors enhance the girly side in your soul. Soft pinks, sweet peach colors and even baby blue, these colors will certainly take its lead this spring. Choose romantic frills and ruffles if you wish to go for a sweet and girly look.

4. Color Of The Year: Go Orange!

Orange may be the reigning color this year. From soft orange shades to fiery neon ones, this color will set you on fire and warm you up when spring comes. Buy pretty little orange dress, and you are good to go.

Clothing Trend

5. Punk Look Is out, Sporty Look Is within

Spring takes on an infinitely more playful look this year as numerous looks around the runway like the sporty silhouette. From bodycon dresses, luxurious hooded sweatshirts to track-style looking bottoms, this trend will definitely cause you to wish to go and hit a fitness center.

6. A brand new Twist Around the Peplum

The 2010 twist on the peplum is a bit sleeker and smaller. Even though this trend is of a a guessing game, this style takes a girly spin on the usual structured and macho like elements.

So, which trend are you most excited about? Spring 2012 will definitely bring us several things you may anticipate for. Whatever your fashion preferences are, it's always best to have your personal style making your own versions of those new trends.
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